Uri, the Movie India Needed

… Minus the errors

A still from the tear-jerking funeral scene. However, why-o-why do officers of the same Para(SF) battalion belong to the Northern, Training and Southern Commands? Moreover, Para(SF) officers NEVER wear the ceremonial peak-cap which Vicky Kaushal is sporting here (right). Even if I was to excuse that, he is the only one doing so! (Image: Scroll, Uri, RSVP)

Let’s get the easy ones out of the way at the onset;

Does Uri lionize the Indian Army? A resounding yes.

And they need to be lionized. I see absolutely no reason why a special forces mission must include casualties, or show Indian soldiers, especially ones belonging to Para (Special Forces) as inept…



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I write long form articles on military history, global military affairs, strategic affairs, geopolitics, and author the India focused National Identity series